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17" Classic Curved Coat or Top Hanger

17" Classic Curved Coat or Top Hanger
Price: $38.95
Reference: 1167

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This hanger has notched shoulders, perfect for hanging straps and security loops. The body is a space-saving 1/2" thick, but is slightly curved to keep wrinkles at bay. These classic wooden hangers are meticulously designed to be tough enough to last a lifetime. We only use the highest quality materials for our wooden hangers. Chrome swivel hardware and tough satin enamel ensure that the beauty of this product matches the durability that you'll love. These hangers help you to keep your closet looking organized and neat while protecting your coats and tops from slumped or puckered shoulders. Perfect for any decor, the Classic Curved Coat or Top Hanger is sure to be one of your favorite closet staples.