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Welcome to Wooden Hangers USA At Wooden Hangers USA, we pride ourselves on exclusively offering a vast selection of the highest possible quality classic, vintage and contemporary wooden hangers at affordable prices. Awaken and excite your inner closet designer as you shop through more hanger styles than you’ve ever imagined! With Wooden Hangers USA, you never have to worry about receiving fragile or thin wooden hangers that can snap and damage your clothes. Our heirloom quality wooden hangers will not only help you to stay organized while protecting the investment that you’ve made in your wardrobe, but are built to last a lifetime. Enjoy the impeccable beauty and quality craftsmanship of the hangers that we’ve meticulously selected to feature on our site. Here, you’re sure to find exactly what you’ve been searching for and you'll definitely get a great product at an affordable price.
choosing the right style hanger
Choosing the Right Style of Wooden Hangers Knowing how to determine which wooden hanger size will meet your needs is the first step in finding the perfect wooden hangers.  Hangers that are too small can cause the shoulders of your suits and coats to droop and sag.  Alternatively, hangers that are too large can stretch and dimple the shoulders of your clothing...
Home decorating and home organizing with style
Home Decorating & Home Organizing with Style Wooden Hangers USA is proud to offer inspirational tips and expert ideas for your home in our blog, “Home Decorating & Home Organizing with Style”. Learn how to get organized and stay that way from the professionals at Wooden Hangers USA. Get motivated to decorate and organize in style, without sacrificing quality, or your bank account. You can have it all!